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Leads are the life-blood for the insurance agent and at Life Professionals we are striving to earn your business by providing the highest quality leads with the best direct mail program in the industry.

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 We are results driven. We are not in the business to sell leads to insurance agents, as you will see in our pricing section. At Life Professionals, we are providing what we believe to be among the most competitive direct mail and client initiated call pricing in the industry, while at the same time delivering high rates of return and high-quality leads.

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LP Live Client Leads ($42/Lead)

Client initiated inbound calls.
The agent will have 90-seconds to decide if a prospect is worth paying $42 for. End the call within 90-seconds and there will be no charge! 

Receive as many leads as you can handle each day !


LP Direct Power Leads ($36/Lead)

 Client initiated inbound calls. The only difference from LP Live Client Leads is there is no 90-second buffer. You are charged as soon as you pick up the phone.
Receive as many leads as you can handle each day !


LP Direct Mail Leads (Average $35/Lead)

Direct mail leads that are exclusive to you. You select the territory, we send the mailers, and you receive qualified responses from interested prospects.   
Our National Average response rate is 1.5%  !


Qualified Leads You Can Trust

At Life Professionals, we believe in quality over quantity.



13-Month Persistancy

Policies Sold

Leads That Work

Stop wasting money on unproven lead sources

More About Our Lead Programs

Live Client App is a new revolutionary technology that connects agents with lead producers providing client initiated inbound calls. Previously, the highest value leads (client initiated inbound calls) have only been available to large call centers and large agencies. Live Client changes that…

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Client initiated inbound calls. The only difference for LP Live Client Leads is there is no 90-second buffer which is why the cost per lead is only $36. Here you will want to stay on the call as long as it takes to establish trust and to get your message communicated. All you need to get started is a computer and a phone, (even a cell phone).

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a lead credit?

All credit requests will be reviewed. Requests for a lead credit must be made within 48 hours of the call. We listen to the call and determine if the call falls within the Lead Credit Guidelines. The guidelines for a lead credit are calls where: 1. There is no one on the line. 2. There is someone on the line, but they don’t realize they are on the phone, or the phone is obviously in a handbag or a pocket. 3. There is a language barrier. A language barrier could be either a call where the caller speaks a language that the agent does not speak, or if the person cannot speak clearly or in an understandable way. 4. There is a wrong number. The caller is trying to reach a different kind of business or did not intend to call the agent.

ADPL Credit Policy
Our policy is to credit calls where the agent has no chance to make a sale. Calls lasting several minutes where the agent is collecting information on the caller and is disconnected, or if the caller is disqualified several minutes into the call, or the caller decides several minutes into the call that they are no longer interested are reviewed, but will most likely not be available for a credit. The caller’s phone number and information are available to the agent and can be re-contacted in the case of disconnection.

Request Lead Credit

Direct mail leads that are exclusive to you at a very competitive price point. Our national average “rate of return” is 1.5% This means that on average, every 1,000 mailers sent should return you 15-leads. We have experienced as high as 2.5% and as low as .5% depending on the geographic area. Contact us to find out how your preferred areas have performed. At our current pricing of $525 per 1,000 mailers, our average cost equates to $35 per lead. Due to consistent price increases in postage, our pricing may have changed, so contact us for current pricing.

Your Sales Agreement must be completed and approved prior to ordering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Management System



Our Customers

“I was skeptical at first, but am glad I gave it a try. Best returns I have ever experience from a direct mail.”

Chris || Ohio

“This is the best direct mail lead program I have ever used. Great program.”
Joe || Texas

“We have some agents that received so many leads on their recurring orders they had to stop to catch up!”
Kenneth || Pennsylvania

“I’m recruiting more agents now than ever before due to the LP Lead program. Their LMS is icing on the cake. Thanks to everyone at Life Professionals.”

Steve || Florida

“What a great program. Simple process, very reasonable costs, great return rates, good solid leads and high commission contracts. I’m totally sold.”

Anthony || California

“North Carolina has some of the lowest rates of return in the country with my personal experience returning way less than 1%. I tried Life Professionals lead program and have maintained a 1.3% return rate. For North Carolina this is awesome. Thank you.”

Robert || North Carolina


Bryan || West Virginia

“My agents love this program. Reorders are the proof. Thank you to Life Professionals”

Bill || Texas

“What a great program. Has exceeded my expectations. My agents love it!”

Mike || California

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